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It’s been awhile!


It has been awhile since I wrote my last blog post,but I have been busy with learning more about photography and did some film jobs in between.
So far about me explaining my absence on this landingpage!
By using this time of absence whisely,I can say that it’s been quite a vertil couple of weeks. I learned some essential rules on photography and just started to put this in practice. So now more automatic programs with photography and videography,from now on it’s going to be working with my #Sony #Cybershot #HX60V with the #EXMORR #CMOS-SENSOR and #BIONZX #image #rendering ,#20.4 #megapixels and #30x #optical #zoom! This thing makes #learning #photography so easy for me😎
I do know obvious,that there still is so much to learn when it comes to beeing a ‘good’ photographer,and I still see myself as an average amateur in this world that we are talking about now.
But I do want to share a moment with you today! A moment of looking at my stats on my Instagram account ,and realising that I am still following the right pad!
It made/makes me pretty emotional,this feeling of happines that I have been surching for so long!
Don’t be afraid to fail,be afraid not to try!

Enjoy the weekend!  Michel Roovers  founder and owner of GewoonMichel-media, GMdesign.
Oh before I forget! You can also find me on the website of #artistsunited