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Return of the good vibes

Almost  immediate after my last post wich I wrote in Dutch,my good vibes returned and gave me new changes and opportunities.
And eventho I understand that Rome wasn’t build in one day either,my hardwork and all of the time that I’ve been investing didn’t seem to workout at all lately. And doing things as an highly sensitive person don’t really add up to this most of the time. But this all turned around 360° last Thursday,and yesterday I invested in a very good videotripod with fluiddamped head from a brand that I didn’t hear from befor but is in a good pricerange. And my website is being build finally,so my chances are back again and I do feel really motivated as well!
Check out my channel on YouTube and my to see my latest uploads and haircut😎

Enjoy your weekend and untill the next blogpost!

Michel Roovers owner and founder of GewoonMichel-media