Kijk ‘GewoonMichel-media op bezoek bij Joosies’ op YouTube
‘Joosies’ for the best icecoffee and homemade burgers in Haarlem


Something to be proud of!

It’s about 4 months ago now,that I started my YouTube channel and found my life purpose in making content and shooting photographs.
And I gave myself about one year to grow in the fast vlogging-lifestyle step by step! But it seems to be that I’m so good in photography and shooting film,that I can proudly tell you that I got my first filmmaking asignment as we speak.
Coming Thursday evening is going to be the first part of the filmshoot,and that is all the information I can give on this story.
Because this clip is going to be published by the contractor and director of the filmproject.
But don’t worry too much,I probably can show you a part after the publishing.
So enough reasons for me to be proud and enthousiastic!
This succes story will be continued! 😎