Copyright claim and compatiblity with my Android 7 system

I was so happy that I was able to edit all the footage into a nice video about the Parksessies festival,wich I filmed last Wednesday nigt!
And I composed the background music all by myself.
But shortly after,Youtube sended me a message that someone put a claim on it!
The worst that can happen on YouTube is getting a copyright violation marker for your channel on YouTube,and I did’nt even  do something wrong is my opinion on this!
But okay,I tried to change the music. What didn’t seem to work at all!
One hour later,I checked if anything changed!  Surprisingly things did changed,the video has a different background music,! But all of the original sounds in it are totally gone,for fucksake!😖
I don”t have the energy to change it again today,so plz be patienced with me!

Michel Roovers


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