On another level! Houtfestival ’17


“Who Looks outside,dreams; who looks inside,awakes!

We’re all on a quest to find something; Not in the sense of money or possessions,no!
We’re on a quest for one thing and one thing only; to find contentment.

We are on the quest of life!
But the quest of  life isn’t a physical journey. It isn’t even about ageing and growing older.
There have been people who have lived long lives without finding that fulfilment that they seek.
Instead the quest oflife comes from within. It’s about looking inside yourself and re-discovering yourself.
It’s about experiences,and your innate being in a manner so intimate that only good can come from it.

That was the message that the Universe has given me,to let me tell you this in return.to tell you that the
answer can be found when you look inside yourself and really understand who you are!

Michel Roovers


Satisfyingly tired after filming the ‘festival’

To be honest with you,totally exhausted is my real status while writing this blog post. But it feels good and satisfying as well to be in this stage of exhaustednes,after two weeks of preparing and trying to keep my focus on this project (without having the natural ability to focus). And filming and photographing in 30°Celsius,Saturday night and this whole Sunday. I can be satisfied with the results I made! which you can see tomorrow afternoon probably on my YouTube channel,GewoonMichel gewoon Haarlems! Actually 85% of the footage that I filmed,came out even better than I thought. So finally I’ve made some good progress again with the new camera that I bought May 31. A good enough progress for a self educating filmmaker/photographer,if I may say so myself🤗

For now I wish you a good night and sleep well! 

Please let ne know what you think of the video and photos of the festival in my commentsection,below the video on my YouTube channel!and press the like button too if you enjoyed the video,and subscribe to see more videos of me!

MICHEL ROOVERS aka GewoonMichel

Take a look at this raw footage preview of my festival project