Looking at the world through the eyes of an Indigo or HSP 

  • If you think your life is hard,then you should try to view things through the eyes of a so-called Indigo,or a better phrase highly sensitive personal.  And a highly sensitive personality is not some sort of decease wich can be controlled with medication,but more a characteristic personality. And it means that everything in life comes to a HSP on a much higher frequency or a higher sensation then to (normal)people who are better programmed to follow society.

    I am writing this story,because for me personally…Wanting to be understood in this matter,even when I know this is almost impossible.But even the smallest sign of beeing understood in this,is an achievement for me.

    Try to think about the smallest normal everyday things that you need to get done,but you cannot get done. Because other people unknowingly put up some sort of energetic wall,unknowingly but naturally.

    I know that HSP even it’s scientifically proven will be marked as abnormal for a long time.Simply because HSP are capable of doing highly educated jobs,a lot of HSP are medical doctors or professor on a University. And that’s why we (HSP) often do not fit in the normal hurd.

    So if you still think that you’re having a hard time,think back about this story and move on to whatever your requirements are to be happy with the live that you’re enjoying 

    Yours truely,Michel (Michael) aka GewoonMichel(Just Michel)

Disappointing set-back!

Today’s story is about the disappointment and the set-back after my smartphone fell on the streets past Wednesday afternoon. And it really pisses me of,because I’m always taking care of my things!
I will try to explain the situation a little bit for you; I wanted to make a new version of the “city walk” film called “Heel Haarlem op straat”(everybody in Haarlem on the streets) So to start the film,I walked into an alley to have a good background and some piece and guiet,what gives me the opportunity to have less background noises. Anyways,I was preparing myself in that alley . When suddenly someone walked into that same alley  from where I was standing in order to get ready for the film,carrying a grocery box. And because he was in a rush to get home with that box,he ran into me and my smartphone wich was mounted on my grip stick,smashed on the streets.
It has almost no visual damage on the screen,but the crack is exactly there where the camera lens is. So filming with this camera is almost not doable anymore.
And that is the setback for now on growing my channel on YouTube.
I am going to checkout if it’s something that can be repaired. And if it’s not ,I’ll have to lick my wounds and hope for a miracle in my financial situation. Because I’m on a unhumanily monthly income,my options are very limited to replace it.

Thank you for reading this story!
Michel  (gewoonmichel-media)